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Baby Kanoa . Los Angeles Newborn Photographer

I am so proud to introduce to you this very special newborn, Kanoa.

Brianne and Scott are our very best friends, so you should know how great it was to for me to document this time in their lives.

We’ve seen each other through many steps in our lives, and being apart of this one in theirs… it was pretty awesome.

Nakayama Family,

I am honored to have had all of you in front of my camera for such an important time in your lives.

I hope I documented it perfectly for you, for you deserve nothing less.

You’ve created a perfect, little being together!

Enjoy! xoxo



This was a Lifestyle Newborn Session. Kanoa was only a week old. To receive more information on SWP’s Maternity and Newborn Sessions, please email us at

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