Los Angeles Wedding Photographer ; Gabby and Andrew

Gabby and Andrew met me at a Starbucks on a sunny, late summers afternoon. I arrived a bit early and bought my latte. It’s typical for inquiring brides and grooms to arrive a bit late… but these two walked in 10 minutes early. Just as I sat down, Gabby’s beautiful smile and warm eyes immediately grabbed my attention. I knew it was them without¬†having ever met them or even seeing a picture. They are both are kind, inviting and down to earth people.

Over coffee, we talked about their January 2017 wedding. Gabby had visions of purple and incorporating old with new. Classic.

They would get married in the church Gabby grew up in.

Surrounded by their favorite people, Gabby and Andrew’s vision all came to life on a beautiful day in January.

That old with the new look, yeah… it was exactly how she described, actually it was better! Purple, burgundy, with blush pinks and pretty greens. They danced and laughed and I was so happy to have captured it.

And Gabby… gahhhhhh was she stunning!











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