“A” Family, Lifestyle Newborn Session; Los Angles Newborn Photographer


I met these wonderful people under not so ordinary circumstances.

My Mom used to say ” Find the good in every situation… there’s a silver lining somewhere!” 

Without sharing specifics on how our paths crossed, I will share that this was our silver lining. 

Courtney and John are as good as they come.

With her smile and his humor, they are incredible people and incredible people should pro-create,

 in my humble opinion!

Baby Luca was going through his 6 week growth spurt, wanting only his Momma.

In between his feedings, we captured the most pure, most wonderful images of this new family of three.

Cheers to love and to silver linings 🙂 xoxo




2 comments on ““A” Family, Lifestyle Newborn Session; Los Angles Newborn Photographer”

  1. Dale Engelhart Reply

    Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful young family….you can see the love coming through. Such a blessing!

  2. Bianca Arbucci Reply

    Beautiful, touching, heartwarming photos. I am very blessed to have such a beautiful family. Thank you for the memories. You are very talented. Oma Arbucci

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