H + C ; Engagement

They met at a party through a mutual friend… later at another party, he would ignore her.

An entire year later, they went out on their first date.

She dressed ” like a total geek with pink argyle socks and a cardigan ” just to see how he would respond.

He got her. He loved that she was able to have fun and laugh… A sense of humor!

Years later on his birthday , they finished dinner and as they walked to the car, Chris pointed to one of the tires pretending to have a flat. As Heder looked to the tire, she turned to say she didn’t think anything was wrong with it… And there he was, on his knee. You see, he too had his own sense of humor 🙂

These two click. Their vibes are cool and their love is sweet. Their warmth radiated throughout this session.

With their wedding only a couple of weeks away, I am honored to share their Engagement Session with you.

Heder and Chris,

I am so lucky you found me on The Knot.

I hope these images represent exactly what you both give to this world.



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