V Family, Newborn Lifestyle Session

Baby Kate made her debut and Grace has since embraced this role as big sister like she has always been meant for it.

This lifestyle session went as smoothly as any other. Lots of nursings, lots of diaper changes, big sister needing a snack, ect. 🙂 But, as always… I enjoyed the quite moments that captured this new family of four, and the loving moments between Mama and Daddy and their brand new creation. Any time I can get my hands on a squishy new baby is always a plus for me! Besides all of these people being stunning and photographing beautifully!

Vaudo Family,

I was so happy to have been the one who captured baby kate in your belly and now since she’s been born. This time is foggy for any new parent and the days and nights soon blend into a big giant blur. Before you know it, Baby Kate will be turning One. I hope this session gives you the dreamy ability to go back during this special time. Xo


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