When actions speak louder then words…

It has been an insanely long time since I have shared a personal post.

My blog was once a place where I weaved personal stories and pictures. I’d hit the ” publish” button and it provided this magical outlet to express myself, all while documenting special-everyday happenings in our lives. This soon progressed into a photography hobby –turned business, turned being crazy busy… and gone were my ramblings and sweet pictures of my babies, our life, and documentation of every little thing we love.


Life got the best of me. If I’m being honest. 

What was once a passion turned into a job that took priority and blog posts became a fogged memory.

And just when you think you have the ‘ bull by its horns ‘ life has an ironic way of showing you that sometimes, you are anything but in control. 


Our very big “surprise ” baby made her debut into this world this past February and our lives have been moving full speed ahead into the future.

2015-09-02_00032015-09-02_00042015-09-02_0005Baseball games. Dance recitals. Teething. Endless amounts of diapers. Afternoon swim sessions. Brother and sister fights that drive me absolutely bat shit crazy. Yes, I said shit.


2015-09-02_00072015-09-02_0008Messy floors that get cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, all to get dirty again. I’m constantly repeating in my head that fun quote you see floating around on social media and pinterest ” Dirty house, happy kids… blah blah blah ”

Barking dogs. Baby learning to wave. Baby loving being dunked into the water. Baby growing, fast.


And vacations… all not being shared.

So. Here I am. Kids swimming. Music on. Baby on lap.

Writing. And placing specifically chosen images that bring me to a happy place.


You see, back in my blogging days there was this unseen force that allowed me to see the good in the madness of the day. It always reminded me that these everyday -Mommy adventures that I get overwhelmed with, are gone just as quickly as they surface.



In moments of feeling like I’m going to loose my mind because of the endless mounds of laundry and the floors that continuously get dirty over and over and over and over again, the fights and long days of work, being exhausted from work, baby not sleeping… It’s easy to forget I am first Mommy to these perfect three babies who know I love them. But it’s so important to teach our kids and show those around us that actions speak louder then words. Instead of becoming lost in the everyday routines of breakfast, laundry, reading the same favorite book – again, lunch, emails, laundry, swimming session, on and on… I am now resurfacing my blogging skills and I’m going to be in awe of it all.


Fitting all of the days madness is simply like putting a square peg in a round hole.

At times, it feels even unreachable. Impossible.


But in this space, I will open up my Mommy-heart again.

I will make an extreme effort to setting aside daily chores and checklists and go back to the most important checklist in my entire universe.

Have I made these people happy today?


2015-09-02_0021Have I taken enough pictures, today?



2015-09-02_0028 2015-09-02_0032


2015-09-02_0019Have I told them how special they are, today?

2015-09-02_0009More importantly, have I made them feel special… today?


The memories we no longer see or touch are those that are embedded deep in our hearts. But all to often it’s easy forget that these people are growing, changing, evolving each and every day.


To write about it.

To capture it. 

To share it.




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