Long Beach Engagement : Marlene + Isaac

Marlene and Isaac came from different parts of the world and dreamt of living here in the United States. They would study here, making their dreams a reality. They both worked hard and had lots of friends. But still, something was missing.  They sat at the same bus stop and took the same route, never having cross paths until one fateful day when Marlene left work early and Isaac left his job late. The bus was empty and Isaac politely asked Marlene if he could sit next to her, enthralled with her beauty. She laughed at his jokes and he nervously asked her for her number. Days later they would have their first date!

That was the beginning of this love story. 2015-08-04_0010 2015-08-04_0011 2015-08-04_0012

2015-08-04_0009 2015-08-04_0014 2015-08-04_0015 2015-08-04_0020 2015-08-04_00182015-08-04_0019 Marlene and Isaac, Thank You for sharing your love story with me and choosing SWP to document this time. xo

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